Gratitude Prompts Joy

“I began this chapter by suggesting that gratitude is the antidote to virtually all stress, unhappiness, and frustration.  I’ll end by repeating that suggestion.  Life is a gift.  You can learn to be grateful you have dishes to wash rather than angry that you have to wash them.  You can learn to be grateful that you have children rather than upset that you have to get up in the middle of the night to nurse them.   You can learn to appreciate your job instead of wishing you had a different one.  You can look at all of life with an eye toward gratitude.  And when you do, it is glorious!”  Richard Carlson
Just why is gratitude so desirable?  What does it matter to a benign God that we thank Him for our blessings?
We don’t thank God because He needs to be appreciated.  We thank God because we function best with a grateful heart.  And He knows this.
There are a myriad of laws that govern the universes.  And attendant to the law of attraction is the truth that gratitude gives us something that we want very much.  A whole heart, open to this world as well the one beyond.  An open heart to our brothers and sisters in this world is positive thinking at its best.  We are creating a new world of value for all.  And we, too, are the beneficiaries.
Make a list of seven things a day that you feel grateful about.  Just the ordinary events of the day give fodder for gratefulness.   There may have been things to rue in any given day, but there are also a myriad of good things that happen.  To see those myriad of happy things, though, we need to have eyes that are open and looking, blessed with vision.
Let our eyes look upon our blessings today.
It will change our tomorrows.

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