God: “I Will Be Handling Life for You Today”

“You are never alone in anything you do, unless you think you are alone, which is a scary thought for anyone.  When you know that you have the power of the Universe responding to your every thought, waiting and ready to help you accomplish anything, then your fear will disappear.

“You have the greatest ally, which has access to all energy everywhere.  Nothing can stand in its way—and all you have to do for your Universal partner is believe.”  Rhonda Byrne

Dr. Wayne Dyer quoted something that is very relevant here.  I use it as a lengthy mantra:

“Good morning.  This is God.  I will be handling all of your problems today.  I won’t need your help, so have a miraculous day.”

We are never living this life all by ourselves.  God is living through us, and when we let our ego get out of the way, we have a smooth day, smooth sailing.  I have altered Wayne’s message with something a bit more positive, “I will be handling life for you today.”  We don’t want too even think about problems, because that is a focus on what we don’t want.

The energy of God, the energy of all Creation, all universes everywhere, is available to us today.

We can succeed in whatever we believe we can do.  Only we must be sure that we have stellar intentions.  Our intentions determine what will happen.  And being in league with the positivity of the Almighty gives us a life that is good beyond our wildest imagination.

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