Powerful Expectations

“Your beliefs about reality create your experience of it.

“This dynamic can happen in subtle ways.  If you think people do not accept you as you are, and that you must try hard to please them, then you will draw those kinds of people into your life.  You may find that you end up seeing friends at the times they are tired and do not have anything to give.  Whatever you believe to be true about friends or any person in your life, you will create that experience of them.  If you say and believe, ‘This man or woman is warm and friendly toward me,’ you will create that in the relationship.”  Sanaya Roman

Sanaya is saying that our expectations determine our reality.  If we think that our friends are warm and loving, then almost always this will be our experience.  If this seems fanciful, realize that this is just the law of attraction in operation.  In fact, the unfriendly individuals with whom we have been in relationship will fade out of our lives, and we will be attracted to those of a more loving nature.

Does this include our significant others?  Our own attitudes make such a difference.  We don’t have to change partners if our partner is not all that we would desire.  As we ourselves change in what we want and expect, we will automatically see a difference in others, including especially our significant others.

Our own loving nature invites the loving response from others.

Try it and see.  Think long and hard, and pray, for an improved relationship with all that we encounter.

We will not be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Powerful Expectations

  1. Oh, this post reminds me! Once I (a mistrusting introvert), was alone on a ocean beach but a sea of people were sunbathing around me. I had been reading a good book so my mood was confident and I was smiling at the world. That must have radiated outward because a number of people approached saying that something had drawn them over to talk to me. A simple analogy, but an epiphany moment for me! Thanks for all your great posts!


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