World Is Exact

“It has been said, ‘The world may not be just, but it is exact.’  This means that what you get is precisely what you expect and believe you will get.  If you are in a profession you ‘know’ is hard to make money in, and you say, ‘Not many people make money in my field,’ you will create that as a fact for yourself.  You are holding a certain view of reality, and that will be your experience, not only of your career, but also of others you meet in that field.  All you need do is alter what you expect to happen, and you will experience a different world.”  Sanaya Roman

I think that the world is both just and exact, though it is not always fair in the meaning of the word as we understand fairness.  We are learning all the time, and this is something that we tend to forget.  This is what makes the world just, in that we are learning those things that will take us back to God and a better future—IF we turn within to determine our next move.  If we look to the world for what we ought to do, we may follow the wrong model, and then indeed the world does not seem just.

The world is also exact, though this law of attraction is just now taking hold.  Most of us still don’t know about this most important law, and others would scoff at it if told that it is the truth.  But truth it is, and we will walk a smooth road if we take heed.

Our expectations determine the course of our future.  Our expectations thus will either bless us or curse us.

The choice is ours.  Let’s make it a choice for blessings.

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