Solution Is with the Problem—in Stillness

“It is especially good to do creative visualization at night just before sleeping, or in the morning just after awakening, because at those times the mind and body are already deeply relaxed and receptive.  You might like to do it while lying in bed, but if you tend to fall asleep, it’s best to sit up on the edge of the bed or in a chair in a comfortable position, with your spine straight and balanced.  Having your spine straight helps the energy flow and makes it easier to get a deep alpha wave pattern.”  Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization

Just this morning I awoke with a start, thought it was time to get up because the clock radio had clicked on.  But it was all a dream.  So I just lay in bed for a long while, unable to go back to sleep.  I thought about my life in deep reflection, visualizing solutions with problems.

A Course in Miracles says that the solution is always with the problem.  We are, though, often too blind to see the solution, and for this we need to be still, be quiet.  Early morning times work well for this.

Soon I had the solution to a problem that had bedeviled me for a while, two weeks.  I knew that God had spoken to me, for I had the solution just as I was realizing the problem even existed.

Use times of stillness for contemplating our lives.  We will find answers, and if we are listening often enough, our lives will smooth out immeasurably.

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