Fulfilling Answers

“That is the ultimate point of creative visualization—to make every moment of our lives a moment of wondrous creation, in which we are just naturally choosing the best, the most beautiful, the most fulfilling lives we can imagine.”  Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization

This lovely quotation from Shakti says it all.  If we visualize, and we take care to stay positive in our visualizations, we will understand the heart of the law of attraction.  “[T]he best, the most beautiful, the most fulfilling”—yes!

Do we have trouble keeping our minds uplifted?  This can often come when we are obsessing about something that we fear.  If we deliberately clear our minds, and deliberately develop a free-flowing thought pattern, the Answer to our problems will come—and soon.  If we just go over and over the same set of facts, when we don’t have all the facts, we will stew in our own juices.

The best way to live is to put problems on the back burner.  This from Richard Carlson.   We can make a deliberate decision to let the matter rest for now.

We will be surprised as how quickly the most fulfilling Answer will come.

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