Better Choices

“The choice for many has seemed to be ‘Would you rather be right or happy?’  Only the ego would choose being right over happiness.  As you observe your body, also observe its actions in terms of the choices it makes.  Ask yourself, ‘What choice may have led to this situation or event?’  For choice is always involved before the fact.  Nothing happens to the Son of God by accident.  This observation will help to put the responsibility of your life back into your hands, where it belongs.  You are not helpless, nor are you at the whim of forces beyond your control.  The only force beyond your control is your own mind, and this need not be.  What you begin to ask yourself, What choice might lead to happiness instead of this, you will begin to see a difference in your body’s response to what appear to be external events, and then a change in the external events themselves.”  A Course of Love, C:10.17)

This quotation carries several gems of thought that support the law of attraction as one of God’s laws in our physical universe.  Immediately in this paragraph we see that our choice in the matter of what happens in this world is all-important.  If we don’t like what we are seeing, the implication is that we simply adjust our view and make a new choice.  This turns things around.  The change that we are hoping for may not come immediately, we understand, because the physical lags behind the imagination.  And we are using our imagination when we make new choices about what we wish to experience.

Nothing happens by accident; there are no coincidences.  In our reading, we have heard this before, but have we truly taken it to heart?  Do we believe that there are no accidents in this sometimes sad and dreary world.  There is nothing that on some level either we and/or others had the consciousness manifested that led to the result.  We are doing this; we are creating.  If we create amiss, we must discover how to backtrack and choose yet again.  We can do this.  It may just take a little concentration.  And patience for the new to arrive.

We think that our mind is out of control, and it often does seem to be.  But we can rein in our regretful thoughts, exercise intention for better thoughts, and watch our external world change accordingly.  And the external world will change.  If we fear our own minds in this regard, let us realize that positivity is much more likely to effect a change; it takes a lot of negative thoughts to invoke negativity.

Choice makes the difference.  Get quiet within; ask for guidance.  What do we truly want in life?  What do we need to think and feel that heretofore we have not thought or felt?

Our lives will change when we make new choices.  Ask for help from the universe (i.e., God) about what is the best new choice for each of us in every facet of our lives.

3 thoughts on “Better Choices

    1. When we allow ourselves to feel like victims, we are self-pitying, and this can be a nurturing thing to allow. Of course, it is self-defeating, but we all have our blind spots upon occasion.

      Best wishes to you.

      Love, Celia


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