The Magic of Choosing

“Think of it this way.  The word ‘I’ is the key that starts the engine of creation.  The words ‘I am’ are extremely powerful.  They are statements to the universe.  Commands.

“Now, whatever follows the word ‘I’ (which calls forth the Great I Am) tends to manifest in physical reality.

“Therefore ‘I’ + ‘want success’ produces you wanting success.  ‘I’ + ‘want money’ must produce you wanting money.  It can produce no other thing, because thoughts, words are creative.  Actions are, too.   And if you act in a way which says that you want success and money, then your thoughts, words, and actions are in accord, and you are sure to have the experience of this wantingness.

“You see?” – “God,” speaking in Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God, Book 1.

The idea herein expressed is not often repeated in law of attraction literature.  But if the universe is a giant photocopying machine, it makes sense that the words that we use are all important.  And to say that we “want” something may very well bring the experience of “wanting.”  I have found it so in my own life.

What do we say instead?  We “choose”!  That is the best terminology to use when we are seeking to attract something into our lives.  When we choose a thing, we make that thing ours, sooner or later, and often it is sooner.

Wanting makes for “wanting,” because our words have creative power in them.  Choosing, on the other hand, has that same creative power, but it has drawing power to bring that desirable into our lives.

So:  Choose today what you will have.  Let the words that we use draw our heartfelt desires to us.

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