Abundance No Longer Veiled in Fallacy

“This is the basic fallacy that the time of learning supported. The idea of “if this, then that.” The idea of abundance earned. The idea of nothing being truly free. Not you, and not your gifts. Everything coming with a price. Abundance comes, even to those gifted, only through the exploitation of gifts. Abundance remains, even to those born with it, only through the exploitation of others. Only through some having less do some have more.”   (A Course of Love -D:Day3.13)

This entire paragraph states the basic fallacy about the idea of abundance, that if we have more, others must have less—sort of a balancing act.  But this is simply untrue.  The fact that others have abundance actually gives us hope that so will we too.  We too will be blessed with all that is good.  We too do not have to “do” anything but live in Spirit to bring about the law of attraction acting in our lives.

Living in-Spirit, as Wayne Dyer says, is the quickest way to the manifestation of our desires.  We are in a vibratory union with God Himself.  What we desire comes quickly and easily, and it comes without any great effort on our part.  We are living with a God consciousness that says that because He is good, He gives good gifts to those who dwell on His goodness.

If we doubt God’s goodness, what we think about, negatively, will show up in our little world.  This is simply the giant photocopier at work.  What we think about manifests.

Dwell on that which we choose to have in our world.  Don’t doubt that what is good will fail to arrive, and on time.  The time will be as right as the Answer.

We have only to wait on God’s timing.  We have only to rest in His grace.

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