Calm & Quiet

“When we are negative and fearful, insecure or anxious, we often attract the very experiences, situations, or people that we are seeking to avoid.  If we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness, we tend to attract and create people, situations, and events that conform to our positive expectations.  So, consciously imagining what we want can help us to manifest it in our lives.”  Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization

Yes, Shakti has it so right.  If we lapse into negativity, these are thoughts, and we know that what we think about manifests.  So if we remain positive, our thoughts are helping us rather than the reverse.  We get what we want, when we choose it—not when we say we “want” it.

Meditation, contemplation, helps us to remain positive.  When we still our minds, we automatically are bringing them in line with the Infinite.  We don’t have to eject negative thoughts forcefully; just relaxing will mean that the negative thoughts ease away from us, all of their own accord.  Our best position in life is a serene, calm outlook.  A Course in Miracles calls it being “perfectly calm and quiet all the time.”  When we are joined with God in consciousness, we aren’t always inviting drama into our lives.  “Calm and quiet” doesn’t mean that we will fail to have fun in our lives; it just means that we will do what we do for fun from a centered perspective.

Richard Carlson has written much about dropping negative thoughts from our minds.  Even in depressed people, he assures us that we can carry out such a task.  Negativity mushrooms when we let it; positivity builds upon itself as well.  And positivity is what we want.

When we calm down from anxiety, we know the blessing of peace.

And this blessing of peace is God’s gift to us.

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