Commit to Our Heart’s Desire

“Rest assured, whenever you believe you have not succeeded or not completed some decision fueled by desire, it is because you were simply not wholly committed—or you decided to change your mind.  And when you change your mind, you literally change what you experience in the world or the solar system in which your self spins.”  (“The Way of the Heart,” The Way of Mastery, Lesson 5, Page 56)

This channeled writing seems to say that once we latch upon a plan for our future, what we want to manifest, we ought to be steadfast in desiring this blessing.  The whole universe seems to turn on our every whim, and if we keep changing our minds about what we want, then God can’t answer our command.  This gets us confused.

Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret does say that we sometimes have to wait a bit before our wishes materialize.  If we lose faith, we lose out.  It’s just beginning to break through into physical reality, and we aren’t seeing anything yet.  If we say, “This stuff doesn’t work!”, we have put out another thought, a bad thought, that will materialize.  It is best to carefully consider, with our God, what is best for us, and then stick to it in our moments of reflection.

If we are not committed to something that we want to attract, then our heart is not in it.  We don’t “believe.”  And without belief, our meandering, petty thoughts rule the day, and our outcome may be bad.

Stay tuned to our heart’s desire with steadfastness.  Be sure that it is a right thing, and then put all of our passion behind attracting it.  The feeling of passion will rule the day this time.

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