Best Manifestation Is Heartfelt

Treasure in the first sense is, first and foremost, something that you believe exists and have defined as being of value.  As this Treatise is not concerned with material treasure, we will not explore the dimensions of physical treasure except to say that the feelings that cause one to think that any physical thing is capable of being a treasure or being treasured are of the ego.  We will instead assume that you have moved beyond these ego concerns and explore the realm of internal treasures.

Those of you who have moved beyond the realm of the ego, in your fear of returning to it, often turn away from internal treasures that you believe, when realized, might feed thee go.  Despite many observations within this Course regarding desire, you may still fear your desire.  Despite many exhortations that your purpose here is to be who you are, you may have determined that exploring internal treasure is now unnecessary. . . .

This resting place is indeed hallowed ground and an earned respite, a demarcation even between the old way and the new way of living.  But it is not the end that is sought.  No matter how peaceful this place of rest may at first seem, it will soon become stagnant and unsatisfying.  Left in such a place without further instruction, you would soon return to your old ideas of heaven and see peace as a state of being for those too weary to fully live.  . . .

Rest, when truly learned, is a state of being in which struggle has ceased and peace has triumphed over chaos, love has triumphed over fear.   A Treatise on the Nature of Unity and Its Recognition, from A Course of Love

There is nothing wrong with using the law of attraction to move physical “treasures” to ourselves.  If we think back, though, we will realize that physical objects pale over time.  The new car gets a few months beyond the car lot, and we start taking it for granted (until it causes trouble).    A new diamond that seems like nothing we would rather have, becomes comfortable on the finger and is then not thought of very often, just worn as though we had always had it.

You get the picture.  This lengthy quotation from A Course of Love is believed by many to have been channeled by Jesus.  He recognizes that our material gifts are treasured by the ego.  As we read A Course of Love, we know that the ego does not give permanent gifts.  The ego is filled with dramas of highs and lows, and it doesn’t mean us well.  Anything egotistical is plagued by the reality of illusory time.

Love, faith, harmony, peace, joy—these are the real blessings that the law of attraction can bring.  These are of the mind and heart, and these treasures do not pale over time.   For the best result, practice dismissing negative thoughts, count our blessings, and watch the manifestations of good come.

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