Healing through Energy

“You’ll often see your illnesses and physical complaints disappear when you’re in the presence of exceptionally high-energy [people].  Why?  Because their high spiritual energy nullifies and eradicates the lower energies of illness.  Just as being in the presence of [these people] makes you feel better because they exude and radiate joyful appreciative energy, so too will your body heal by being in this kind of energy field.”  Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Intention

Can Wayne Dyer really be right?  Can certain people heal by the law of attraction?  Certainly the Silva Method of Jose Silva says so, and this was extremely well-received when first described in the latter half of the last century.

We learn from the law of attraction that our energy must match the energy of the desired object.  If energy can bring objects to us that we desire, cannot energy also heal?  There is much to think about here.

Of course, Jesus’ healing comes to mind.  Was he using energy to heal?  We wonder.  Nobody has ever known for sure what the essence of his healing really was, but I believe that the Gospel accounts do explain something that seems unexplainable.

Experiment with coaxing energy into our experience of life.  There may be no better way to know that we have powers beyond anything previously dreamed.

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