“If you learn to focus on and feel grateful for what you have in each moment, that thought process will become habit itself.  Similarly, when you focus on what is lacking in or wrong with your life, you will always find a way to attract even more of what you don’t like.”  Richard Carlson, You Can Feel Good Again

Gratitude is the way we walk in grace.  While it may not be obvious why God “needs” our gratitude, we need the experience of being grateful.  When we are appreciative of life itself, we attract good experiences in that life.  If we focus on what is wrong, this, through the law of attraction, draws in more wrong to be experienced.

The law of attraction is actually not a particularly religious thing to believe.  It gives a secular slant to God Himself.   It seems to say that God falls in line with our own thinking and feeling, giving us what we have, perhaps unconsciously, asked for.  We don’t have to be centered in God to have this happen.

We thrive better when we think well of Life, though, and this includes God in particular.  We are creatures, first of all, for we know that we did not create ourselves.  What is the true and real meaning of the universe?  Tuning into God, attracting an Answer from the cosmos itself, will give us a way to live better.  It will assure us that living independently and alone, thrusting our Creator off as irrelevant, just doesn’t work very well in the long run.

When we focus on what is wrong, we get more of it, as Richard says.  This is fundamental law of attraction.

Let’s ask for some help in attracting what we truly desire, which is a life in which the love we experience is full and good.  And this love comes originally comes from God.

Is that not reason enough to be grateful for the gift of life itself?

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I struggle a bit with the law of attraction. The material I read (Abraham-Hicks) also talks about God/Source being purely positive and bringing us all we desire, but we resist it. I think they said at some point: there is no stream of unwantedness coming to us, only a stream of wantedness that we resist.
    But still the law of attraction is so heavily emphasised that it can seem like the universe is neutral with regard to our desires, just bringing us whatever we focus on.
    So I like that you touch on LoA being an aspect of God. I feel there’s a deeper answer there that I haven’t quite got yet!


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