A Turn of Speech that Works: Say “Next”!

“Disdain all disbelief!  Work out a system within your mind that allows you to imagine yourself living a prosperous life, with all the material things that are necessary.  Send scarcity out of your mind and refuse to have those kinds of thoughts.  When an old habitual scarcity thought begins to enter your consciousness, simply say ‘Next!’  That’s right, simply say to yourself, ‘next,’ and it will remind you that the old thought is now finished, and you are entering a new prosperous thought process.  Using ‘next’ as a magic word will remind you to get on with the magic of believing, rather than the anguish of doubt.  Commit to paper precisely what you would like to have appear in your physical life.  By seeing it and reading I repeatedly you will plant that thought more firmly in your mind and you will begin to manifest that which you are imaging.  I use this writing technique often, and I place the affirmation in a place that forces me to constantly read the words of the miracle I am in the process of manifesting.”  Wayne W. Dyer, Real Magic

It helps to keep our minds on the positive when we are trying to manifest.  Our attitudes make quite a difference.  Wayne’s encouragement to say “next” is well-taken.  We must lift our thoughts to the good and true, being certain that we are believing in our heart of hearts that we choose this thing that we are asking to receive.

If we don’t truly believe, nothing will happen.  Or we will manifest the reverse of what we really want.  There is a subtle point here worth noting.  Our communion with our Maker will let us know if we are on the right beam.  If we are not, we ask amiss.

Don’t use the word “want” in affirmations.  This will keep us wanting, pushing the desired object off in the distance.  Use “choose.”  Then we are back in the present moment, and choosing what we wish to have.

Attitude makes a tremendous difference.  We can also use the word “next” when our minds lapse into negativity.  A negative mind does not manifest well.

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