As you observe these connectors, you’ll note that they don’t dwell on illness and disease.  They move through their life as if their body is in perfect health.  Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Intention

Connectors, according to Wayne, are those people in life who are tuned into the world and other people in it in a way that eludes many of us.  One of the things that they do best is to understand the law of attraction.  So to them it makes perfect sense to dwell on health.  Even if their health is compromised at any time.

We know that dwelling on sickness can only bring more of it to us.  What we focus on grows.  So the best way to proceed if our bodies/minds are compromised by illness at any point is to seek the best treatment we can find and afford, and then just let it go.  Let the doctors treat the illness.  We focus on the end point that we want, which is healing.  And healing can be emotional as well as physical.

Our healing has been emotional if we are no longer “stuck” on thinking about the illness just all the time.  If we are focusing on living the best way that we can.

This may not be easy, but it works.  Taking our mind off pain has been proved by research studies actually to lessen the awareness of pain.  The pain is reduced.  And this type of thinking can help any condition with which we are faced.

Of course, the best way to proceed is to focus on perfect health before any illness arrives.  Don’t dwell on “might be’s” or “what if’s.”

Know that our God is for wellness all the way, and when we cooperate with the laws of his universe, such as the law of attraction, we are in a good place.  Our focus makes the difference.

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