Note:  Re-posted from my Miracles Each Day blog.

The universe is always answering your questions.  And when you ask unclear questions, you get unclear answers.  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 5, Page 60)

Jesus’ practical advice shines through today’s quotation.  “And when you ask unclear questions, you get unclear answers.”  Yes!  We need to get clear in our minds (and hearts) what we really want, then ask, believing that our agreed-upon goal will manifest.  Then we only need wait (and not wait long) for the manifestation to appear.

Believing is the crux of the matter.  And when we don’t really believe, then we are trying to force something into our reality that is not in our contract for this lifetime.  Our innermost Self knows that this way is not for us; we are only with a request.  When we truly believe a thing, then we are on the beam of the pathway for our lifetime.  We need do no more, for we will see it become ours.

What are we committed to in this lifetime?  Spend a while contemplating this important question.  Let it permeate the subconscious mind.  Then, with a clear mind, revisit the question.  If we have turned the decision of commitment over to our deepest mind, we will have a knowing that has eluded us until then.

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