Symbol Manifested

“Just as you would go to a grocery store and choose what you will have for dinner and then go home and experience your creation so too do you choose each experience.  When you choose a perception, you lodge it in the mind.  Then it expresses itself through the body, through the environment that you create around yourself and through the friends that you would call into your awareness.  Every aspect of the life you live is the symbol of what you have chosen to experience and, therefore, to convey throughout creation.” (“The Way of the Heart,” Way of Mastery, Chapter 2, Page 13)

This quotation teaches us something new about the law of attraction, in that some of what we experience is but a symbol of what we want.  This is the truth that Sanaya Roman has made clear.  She says that we may not get the exact thing that we have hoped to experience, but we will always get its essence.

Sanaya goes further by recommending that we ask or pray for the essence, because she realizes that we will be better satisfied with this essence.

What does “essence” mean?  Essence is the embodiment of the kernel of what we want.  It is, for example, prosperity that may not come by money as such.  But we will be so blessed by the prosperity that we won’t even miss the money.

Think over our desired manifestations.  Have we had their symbol actualized?

If so, our prayers have been answered in the affirmative.

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