“So please consider your attitude toward material abundance at the deepest level and feel how the flow of abundance indeed offers you the possibility to help build a new earth, to realize your dreams on the densest plane of reality.  This is not the time to withdraw yourself from society, to meditate by yourself on top of a mountain.  It is time for participation.  It is time to let your energy flow into this world and freely receive all that comes back to you in return.  Do not be afraid to receive abundance.  Honoring your own input, receiving enough in exchange for your efforts, is part of being a well-balanced spiritual being.  The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe

We are meant to be happy in the dense reality that is our world, the earth.  We are spiritual beings living a physical life.  And we need physical abundance, nearly always, to live well in a physical reality.  There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about our wants.  On the other hand, our wants are intended to lead us to be a well-balanced spiritual being.

We can make an improved contribution when our wants are addressed, an improved contribution to the world on which we find ourselves.  We do not always find that God says “yes” to all our wants, but we can be very sure that he always gives the nod to our needs.  We can be very sure that He has our well-being in view, and if we have a need, He will give us the wherewithal to satisfy it.

Wants are often material, but needs are, by contrast, often intangible.  We are actually happier with the intangible, though rarely do we realize this.  Experience with having the intangible will prove its worth.  The emotions of love, joy, peace, harmony will give us peace when material treasures have faded in giving lasting happiness.

Pray for our heart’s desire.  Test it to see if it is a good thing.  Be very sure that we are asking for love, for that is always the bottom line.

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