What You Think Determines What You Become

“What you think, what you have been thinking over a long period of time, what you are going to think in the days ahead will determine precisely what you are and the kind of world you live in.  What you think determines what you become.

“Change your thoughts and you will change your world.  Change your thoughts correctly and everything will change into inner peace, happiness and personal power.”  A Guide to Confident Living, by Norman Vincent Peale

Norman says it well, though he has come in for his share of controversy for allegedly being too simple.  As he points out, the best minds among us have the power to be simple—just to take an idea, dwell on its truth, and then actualize it in our lives.

The quotation offers us peace, happiness, power, when we turn to God in our thoughts.  His is an early affirmation of the law of attraction.  We need to get our minds straightened out, don’t we, when things are going badly.  We can do this, if we turn to the highest and best that is in us.  And the highest and best that is in us is God Himself, Who dwells within.

Norman says elsewhere that when we get into trouble, we need to cool our emotions, indeed make them very cold.  Don’t emote; instead, think.  When we allow ourselves to calm down, God Himself can speak to us.  Otherwise, even God can’t get through the static we are creating in our minds.

Allow peace to descend upon us.  Then ask what you will of the Deity.  If a thought occurs to you after this prayer, a benign thought, act upon it.

You may be taking the first step out of the woods.

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