No Accidental Universe

“The choice for many has seemed to be ‘Would you rather be right or happy?’  Only the ego would choose being right over happiness.  As you observe your body, also observe its actions in terms of the choices it makes.  Ask yourself, ‘What choice may have led to this situation or event?’  For choice is always involved before the fact.  Nothing happens to the Son of God by accident.  This observation will help to put the responsibility of your life back into your hands, where it belongs.  You are not helpless, nor are you at the whim of forces beyond your control.  The only force beyond your control is your own mind, and this need not be.  What you begin to ask yourself, What choice might lead to happiness instead of this, you will begin to see a difference in your body’s response to what appear to be external events, and then a change in the external events themselves.”  A Course of Love, C:10.17

We live in a sympathetic, friendly universe where nothing happens by chance.  Of course, we don’t understand when bad things happen to good people.  We can’t see the whole picture.  But our soul knows, for our soul is less finite than are we.  Our soul is merged with God Himself.  And our soul, ultimately, makes these decisions that seem so hard to comprehend, why bad things happen to good people.

We don’t see the whole.  I don’t think there is an answer to suffering that we could ever comprehend while we live on earth.  I do think that we will understand more of the “why” on the Other Side, where we go after death.  Still we will not know that much more, for finiteness rules on the Other Side also.

If we just know that the universe is friendly, that God is friendly to us, we will have made a giant step forward.  And when we deliberately set about attracting good things, the few bad ones that happen won’t seem so devastating.  And good things come when we use the law of attraction for just such good things.

We would rather be happy than “right.”  It is just that simple.  Choose an understanding of the universe that gives us peace.

And the peace comes when we recognize that there is a purpose behind all things that happen.  We don’t have to recognize what that purpose is in order to cooperate with it.

Then and only then, in our cooperation, will we be happy.

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