Higher Images

“Watch your words and your energy as you move through the day.  The instant you notice that your energy is dropping in any way, that doubts are creeping into your mind, that you are feeling bad about who you are, stop.  Take a deep breath and look inward for a higher image.  You broadcast images from moment to moment, and people pick them up and respond to them.

“If you want to know why something happened to you, hold up the belief that you do know why.  It is important to learn forgiveness, because every time you replay a negative memory, making yourself wrong, you are creating it again in the future.”   Sanaya Roman, Personal Power Through Awareness

Higher images are important; what we carry as thoughts are important, for they are broadcast to others, even as we take them inward to our own heart and soul.   If we replay negative memories, Sanaya says that we will be creating them anew in the future.

On top of all this is the truth that we just feel better when we carry positivity in our thoughts.  Surely we do know that we attract more of what is held in mind.  If we want to enjoy our lives, we must exercise initiative and lift the mind to higher levels.

Keep to the upbeat.  Re-slant the mind to a healthier focus.

See if this doesn’t make a difference, a big difference, and immediately.

We can do it.

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