Every Aspect of Life a Symbol of What We Have Chosen

“Just as you would go to a grocery store and choose what you will have for dinner and then go home and experience your creation so too do you choose each experience.  When you choose a perception, you lodge it in the mind.  Then it expresses itself through the body, through the environment that you create around yourself and through the friends that you would call into your awareness.  Every aspect of the life you live is the symbol of what you have chosen to experience and, therefore, to convey throughout creation.” (“The Way of the Heart,” Way of Mastery, Chapter 2, Page 13)

We are in the driver’s seat in forming the experiences of our lives, even as we choose the foods that we want to eat in a trip to the grocery store.  It is up to us to keep our attitudes uplifted, for depressed moods create less than desirable realities.  Negativity breeds negativity.

If we are downhearted, then the best thing that we can do for ourselves is to shift what we are thinking by changing what we are doing.  If this is currently impossible, then the next best thing is to change our attitude toward what we are doing.  This is not so hard to do when we are intent upon creating good circumstances of our lives.  We are then motivated, knowing what we know.

Sometimes we are involved in symbolism in the midst of life.  The symbols too are creations of our reality.  We can more easily change symbols than actual ongoing events, and then we will see the ongoing events shift and change as well.

Life proceeds the way we have chosen.  If we don’t like what we have created, perhaps unconsciously, now is the time to make our decisions conscious.

And in a positive vein.

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