Our Life Is Already an Act of Creation, Fully Realized Within

“Your life is already an act of creation.  It was created.  All of it.  It exists, fully realized within you.  Your work here is to express it.  You are far more than your life here.  You created your life here in union with the one mind and one heart, in union, in other words, with God.  Everything you have ever wanted to be is.  Everything you have ever thought or imagined is and is reflected in the world you see.  The only difference between the life you are living and the life you want lies in your willingness to express who you are.”  A Treatise on the Nature of Unity and Its Recognition, from A Course of Love

We are multidimensional personalities, living a life of who we are—if we are lucky.  We can move into “who we are” at any time, and this becomes a difference that is truly living rather than existing.  We are one unity, with God, one mind and one heart.  And this life is our own creation, created in conjunction with God as we perceive Him to be.  This life is fully realized within, in the place that God lives through us.  We are not separate from our Creator, and we have only to open up our psyches to Him to have abundant life.

If we live with the Force (God), we will live a truly magical life, a magical life in the best use of that term.  It will amount to living in true reality.  This true reality is the joy, harmony, peace, mellowness, that we all wish we had all the time.

It can be ours.  Keep one ear cocked to guidance from within, and then live what that guidance says.  Always the guidance, if true, will be helpful to all, will harm nobody.

And we will live a mellow life, catching glimpses of enlightenment as we live in abundance with every good thing.

3 thoughts on “Our Life Is Already an Act of Creation, Fully Realized Within

  1. Positive and hopeful. Interesting counterpoint to the sermon I just heard about becoming clay in the hands of one who treasures me—living what is already created, letting myself be shaped—they rhyme. ?


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