“For five or ten minutes a day at the most, then, use natural hypnosis as a method of accepting desired new beliefs.  During that period concentrate your attention as vividly as possible upon one simple statement.  Repeat it over and over while focusing upon it for this time.  Try to feel the statement in whatever way is possible—that is, do not allow distractions, but if your mind insists upon running about then channel its images in line with your declaration.”  The Nature of Personal Reality (a Seth Book), by Jane Roberts

Seth is here emphasizing a potent form of affirmation.  In this passage he also recommends that one do this exercise for 30 days, even if it seems to be working well.  Seth believes that hypnosis is active all the time for us, that we are hallucinating the world in which we find ourselves.

I sometimes have difficulty sleeping, and I have been trying, for a number of days, the affirmation, “I sleep smoothly, easily, and peacefully all through the night.”  I can attest to a considerable improvement.  I still wake up several times a night, but I say the affirmation then, and also say, “I am getting very, very sleepy.”  This lulls me to sleep.

I recommend Seth’s proscription.  Certainly there is no harm in trying.  It follows along with the law of attraction, in that what we focus on tends to come true.

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