Think Numerous Thoughts of the Positive

“Most of you think about something once, maybe two or three times a day, and then you wonder why it takes so long to get it.  Thoughts are energy.  The more you think about something, the more energy you bring forth from your inner world to create what you want to manifest in the outer world.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

So numbers make a difference!  Sanaya makes this plain.  It is another way of saying that our focus is what we will get.  What we focus on.

We need to be certain that the thoughts that fill our minds are the very things that we want.  If we allow stray thoughts to mushroom in our minds, especially if these stray thoughts are fears, we will be in for trouble.  We can let the negative thoughts rest lightly on our mind, rise above our negativity.

“We will rise above,” was a statement that a friend and I said to each other in college when something bad came along.  I still use the sentence, speaking the words to myself, when needed.  It works.  It changes the focus on negative to positive, and it reminds that I can cope.

Cope today with our lives.  Let go of the idea that we aren’t strong enough to overcome the negative thoughts that tend to crowd in.  Remember that when we focus on the positive constantly, the positive is what will manifest.

Let the positive manifest today.

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