Focus on a Right Thing that Doesn’t Elicit Doubt

“The number of thoughts you put into something and the intensity of emotional energy you have about something are important elements in determining how quickly you create it.  The emotional desire you have to achieve something is very important.  Emotions propel thoughts into reality by their intensity.  You need to maintain a consistent focus and desire and sustain it over a period of time to manifest what you want.  The less doubt you have about getting something the more rapidly it will come.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

Yes, doubt is the killer, as Sanaya says.  But we can’t fool ourselves, trying, hope against hope, to have something that just doesn’t, in our heart of hearts, feel right.  If we doubt, maybe there is good reason for that doubt.  Maybe what we are trying to manifest is just the wrong thing.

How do we move to what is right?  We commune with our depths.  We center ourselves.  Ask some pertinent questions.  We might best do this questioning on paper, journaling about what we really want and why.  If we feel a rightness as we journal, we are on the beam.  What we are journaling about is the will of the Universe for us as well.

We can go against what a Higher Power would like us to have, but to do so is to risk peril.  We may not be ready for this good thing that we are asking for.

Seek discernment in our wishes to manifest.  Test out, if possible, whether or not this “right” thing is really right.

Our innermost thoughts and feelings will take us home to the right pathway to our dreams.

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