Longings Point to What Our Soul Wants for Us

“In doing this you become aware of ‘lack’ of that which is not there.  Take note of the pain in you because of this, but do not dwell on the sense of lack or dissatisfaction.  This is not an exercise to make you feel bad.  Rather focus on the longings you have and realize deeply that this is what your soul wants for you.  Be convinced that these longings point in the direction of what your soul has planned to do in this lifetime.  You will be supported by the universe to make it come true.”  The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe

Our longings are actually a potent source for knowing what our soul really wants for us.  Pamela says, “You will be supported by the universe to make it come true.”  It is important to go deeply within when we sense a longing.  In our deepest heart of hearts, do we really want this thing for which we feel longing?  If the longing is superficial, then it is not our deepest desire.

“Lack” is often not really what it seems to be.  There is divine timing in everything, and sometimes a long time goes by in which we seem to have lacks.  Our soul knows things that we do not.  Our deepest Self, the soul, chooses that which will benefit us the most in the long run—not the short term.

If we sense pain in our longings, don’t dwell overly on this.  As Pamela says, “This is not an exercise to make you feel bad.”  The pain is here to show us something, to allow us to discover what instead would actually make us very happy.  So listen to the feelings, be guided by intuition.

Our soul knows what we need.  We don’t always.  But we can ask questions of our deepest being, and thereby find that our “lacks” are miraculously supplied.

Just ask.  Answers will be provided.

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