God Wants to Give His Beloved Children Every Good Thing

“The things of the world become translated into that which supports your ever-increasing joy, success, fun, pleasure, material improvement and new friends.  It supports all of it when you see through the eyes of Love.  Then you literally look at the world around you and finally get that it was never what you thought it was because you failed to separate yourself from God.”  “The Way of Knowing,” Lesson 29, The Way of Mastery

We don’t have to give up the things of this world when we want to walk a closer walk with God.  This is not a necessity, unless our inner being seems to be saying this to us, and we have tested it and found it to be true.

God wants to give His beloved children every good thing.  And the way to the miracle-mindedness that provides all things is a decision to love.  Yes, Love.  Rhonda Byrne, who popularized the law of attraction, has said the same.  We need to realize that we are out of alignment with the universe when we seek to get material blessings out of greed.  And this doesn’t work.  Greed doesn’t bring us blessings that last.  We get something that the law of attraction has manifested for us, but then we fall into a funk because this manifestation doesn’t hold to keep us happy.

Love does keep us happy, with or without the material blessings.  But why would a loving God prevent us from a fulfilling life, with blessings that provide for ALL of our needs?

He would not so prevent us.  His way, Love, is the elixir that provides everything that we would want.

Practice sending out loving thoughts to others, loving thoughts to ourselves, loving thoughts to God.

And our blessings will overflow, this day, this Now.

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