Do Something that We Really Love

“Your focused, silent and open awareness of these heartfelt desires is enough to make the changes happen.  Realizing who you are is the biggest magnet to change in your everyday life.  It is not necessary or even useful to push for change on the material level.  The key is to feel deeply (but not emotionally) what you are longing for and to then leave it in the hands of your heart.  Just release and trust.”  The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe

How does one feel deeply, but not emotionally?  We don’t become “driven” about something.  If we become driven, we are living in fear, and fear pushes things away from us; we don’t get what we want, but what we don’t want.

Our heartfelt choices dictate the focus we will adopt, and that focus is the bottom line of the law of attraction.  We have to be very sure that when we think, and feel, we are not focusing on the opposite of what we want.  If we have a tendency to complain, perhaps focusing on the opposite is exactly what we are doing.

I sometimes feel draggy in the mornings, and I realize that this is calling more sedation to myself.  I need instead to focus on the opposite of “draggy,” to emphasize to myself, in a make-believe way, that I really have plenty of energy.  It doesn’t hurt to do something that raises the energy level also.  This means that we will be doing more than “make-believe”; I will be living it out.

So this morning I got on my laptop computer, and I started typing, a surefire way to raise energy levels.

You may have different issues, probably do.  Just think the “opposite” if there is any hint of negativity in what you are focusing upon.

Negativity is really fear, though we don’t often make the connection.  And love actually invokes the law of attraction better than anything else.

Do something that we love, and see if the desired quality doesn’t pop forth.

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