Freedom to Create Jewels of Our Moments

“Well do we perceive, once again, that so many in your world seek to find a spirituality that will free them of the world of their experience, never even realizing that that very attitude is the thing that chains them, imprisons them in their hell.  Spirituality is merely a process of seeing things differently.  And that is an active decision—born of desire, coupled with the little willingness called allowance—to recognize that each moment is like a jewel presented on a golden plate to you, God’s child.  You are the one who has the freedom always, and literally creates or makes your experience.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” WOM, Chapter 19, Page 259)

We literally create or make our experience.  If we resist what is before us, the force field becomes stronger, and we push away what we desire.  So, even as we seek to focus on what we want, we need to live in acceptance of what is before us.  We can’t change the undesirable if we have hate in our souls.  We only have to reach, with love, for the desirables in this world and beyond, and then we can have what we so much desire.

“[E]ach moment is like a jewel presented on a golden plate to you, God’s child.”  When we take this metaphor to heart, we walk a green earth.  We feel good, and feeling good is a prerequisite for the fulfillment of our wants.  Our mood needs to be lifted up to positivity.  If we drop into negativity, then our good feeling abandons us, and with it any hope that we have to attract our heart’s desire.

How do we manage to attract the desirable when we are such moody people?  We need to find a few activities/thoughts that we can do easily when a bad mood seems to come out of the blue.  Rhonda Byrne in The Secret calls these “secret shifters.”  I like to think of them as another jewel given to us in the Now, the present moment, a jewel that will transform our minds and hearts into loving.

And love is the fulfillment of the law.

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