Daydreaming Our Future

“Imagine yourself in Jerusalem, putting your hand on the olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane or at the tomb where the stone was rolled away.  Don’t let negative considerations like lack of money creep in, because your unconscious mind will seize upon a negative signal just as readily as it will react to a positive one.

“Does this kind of dreaming, which is just another form of imaging, guarantee that someday you will find yourself in Rio or in the Holy Land or in England or Italy?  No, it doesn’t:  life doesn’t hand out ironclad guarantees.  But it raises the probabilities so enormously that it is foolish not to take advantage of it.”  Positive Imaging, by Norman Vincent Peale

“[I]t raises the probabilities so enormously” – yes!  Norman is describing visualization, and he wrote this book back in the last century, long before Rhonda popularized the law of attraction.  So it really is true that outstanding leaders in our world, such as Norman, have always known about the “secret,” the law of attraction.

In The Secret, we learn that one of the more effective techniques for visualization is to put plenty of motion in the visualization.  This motion makes the imaging seem more real to us.  We can imagine ourselves walking in Rio or the Holy Land or England or Italy, and make it real by imagining the steps we take and what we see when we walk along the street.  This is effective visualization.

If we have been accustomed to daydreaming, we have been visualizing for years.  Daydreaming is another way to think of evoking the law of attraction, another way to think of visualization.

Enjoy this law!  It is evidence of a benign universe, evidence of the love of God, including for those who do not believe in Him.

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