The Body & the Law of Attraction

“Thus it will not matter so much what is eaten, or where or when; but just knowing it is consistent with what is desired to be accomplished through the body—that does matter.”  Edgar Cayce on Diet and Health

We use the law of attraction when we choose the foods that seem “right” to us.  It is widely known that over time, our children will select healthy alternatives if given the choice.  The same for us.  We need to choose well so that we accomplish with our bodies what we will.  And unhealthy eating patterns will prevent us from getting what we best focus upon, utilizing the law of attraction.

If we eat prudently and wisely, we won’t overeat, gaining weight, feeling bloated.  Then our bodies are in sync with our minds.  And a good mind, focusing on that which is best for us, accomplishes at great deal in every life.

Eat well, eat wisely.  And see if the focus on this doesn’t enlarge to give us what we want for a slim and attractive body.

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