Take a Deep Breath

“Watch your words and your energy as you move through the day.  The instant you notice that your energy is dropping in any way, that doubts are creeping into your mind, that you are feeling bad about who you are, stop.  Take a deep breath and look inward for a higher image.  You broadcast images from moment to moment, and people pick them up and respond to them.”  Sanaya Roman, Personal Power Through Awareness

We can “look inward for a higher image.”  This is shifting our mood, as Rhonda Byrne called it, “secret shifters.”  If we focus differently, and lift our mood, our day will brighten and what we attract will brighten as well.

Shakti makes a very good point, that we need to stop as soon as we feel our energy dropping.  When we stop right away, we are limiting the damage.

Others pick up on how we are feeling, and then they reinforce this in us, and we, in turn, pick up on their vibes.  We are one big family in this world.  How we choose to think and feel makes a difference.  If we are feeling bad about ourselves, we bring the whole world down a little.  We are just that powerful.

And, if we are feeling good, we enliven the world just a tad.

I needed to reread what Shakti said today.  Perhaps you did, too.  Energy felt and ignored makes quite a difference.  Let’s be sure that our energy is always felt today.

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