Help Is Always Near

“If someone you know is experiencing lack, limitation, or difficulties, and not yet at the level to understand he or she has created these conditions to grow, telling this person that he or she created these circumstances may only make him or her feel worse.  Assist people on the level they are at, and help them recognize how they created their problems only when they are ready.”  Sanaya Roman, Spiritual Growth

This quotation takes some explanation.  Actually we are in a mass hallucination, or dream, a composite dream to which everyone has contributed.  We are all One.  So it is slightly inaccurate to think that we are responsible for everything that occurs in our world.

Our personal world is our charge, though.  Our attitude makes a lot of difference, and we can effect change in our personal world when we seek solutions to our problems.  The solution is always with the problem, but because there is no time (time is an illusion), we frequently have to wait to see the working out of our problems.  Most importantly, we ought not to blame ourselves if trapped in chaos.

But we can make things better, and that is where the law of attraction comes in.  A variant of the law is the self-fulfilling prophecy, in that what we expect to happen often does come true—because we do things to make it come true.  We can seek help of a Higher Power, and in the help that is given, we will better handle whatever comes along.  This is how God helps; He helps us function better.

How we think about something does make a difference.  We are part of the mass hallucination, but we don’t have to be defeated by that thought.  If we sink deep within, where God is, we will learn much about how to attract, through the law of attraction, what we need to solve any and all problems.

Remember that there is always a factor of time to work things out.  But we can rise above the challenges when we know that Help is always near.

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