Yes, Everything We Attract Is Perfect, Chosen in Agreement with God

“Everything you attract in your life is perfect because, in agreement with God, it is what you have created as your experience on Earth.  Accept the fact that it is you—and only you—that fabricates guilt and scatters it about.  Recall that it was said, ‘He who does not gather with me, scatters.’  That is what we are remembering today:  to stop spreading guilt and to start gathering the harvest that is already yours, that together we sowed.”  Choose Only Love:  Let Yourself Be Loved (COL bk.2, 8:I)

This is the law of attraction in operation, written in a channeled spiritual text.  In agreement with God, then, we have created what we experience as our experience on earth.  When we think we have done wrong, we find guilt in our thinking, our words, our actions.  But we need to just seek to stop spreading guilt into our experience, for it is a false issue, born of the ego.  And the ego is not something that we want to reinforce any longer.

We know that our experiences are not always good, but even these can be redeemed.  God will work with us to redeem them, and then we will be more likely to understand that everything that happens is, in its own way, perfect.  We are learning what we need to know, and if the learning leads us into the negative, we will learn better next time.  We will cease hurting ourselves by the negative, and certainly guilt is one such negative.  If guilt has any redeeming value, it is that it stops us from the same bad thought, word, or deed next time.

We thus are ever climbing up a mountain back to God, where everything we find is a joyous encounter.

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