Faith Moves Mountains

“. . .I believe and know creativity to be a spiritual issue.  ‘Faith moves mountains’—Christ told us that, and he may have meant literally.”  Julia Cameron, Walking in This World.

Julia Cameron, author of this quotation, believes very sincerely in a God Who acts in this world.  When she prays, she believes that He moves in her circle to open doors for her with her writing.

We can believe that same about anything that we want to experience.  Julia’s “mountain” are the odds against publishing and getting acclaim for it.  Our mountain may be something else entirely, but we will find that God moves in our direction when we move in his.  By the law of attraction, we attract what we focus upon.  This moves God to act.

I don’t think that God causes bad things to happen.  I think that is all a matter of free will in our world, a gift that God gave to us that He will never take back.  Our free will is and ought to be precious to us, but it does get us into trouble sometimes.  And this tests our faith.

Decide to focus on that which will uplift.

Then the mountains before us will truly move.

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