To Enjoy!

“Start enjoying the journey of life.”  Choose Only Love bk.2, 8:IV

Yes!  It doesn’t make any sense to make ourselves miserable, even when times are tough, and tough times come to all of us.  The journey of life is meant to be a healing adventure in which subconscious, fearful thoughts give way to love.  When we open up to love in our lives, we know all the difference.  And we start to enjoy what we are experiencing.  What a difference this makes!

We can start right away.  There is no need to wait for a rainbow to appear in our lives.  We can offer our thanks for the many blessings that we have, and the act of doing so will enhance our experience.  Just saying the words throughout the day will actually make the blessings grow.  We will see all manner of things, good things, that we have overlooked before.

Ask to enjoy our lives.  We may have many lives, but we experience each one only in the Now.  And if we rue the Now, we rue our lives.  Negativity also kicks in, and with it the law of attraction, which says that what we focus upon grows.  We can get ourselves going downward in spiral of lamentable happenings.  This we don’t want.

So the advice to “enjoy” our journey is solidly based in a law of the universe.  God’s law.  And it behooves us to take heed and do what we can to lift our spirits on a constant basis.

Turn any fretting over to God.  He is much better equipped to handle it than we are!  And He is not burdened by the fretting, as we are.  He will take our current state of mind and heart and lift them to new heights.

Just enjoy the scenery on our journey through life.

4 thoughts on “To Enjoy!

  1. Thank you Celia. I’ve been thinking the same thing, yet feeling almost guilty for letting myself be happy when so many others are suffering loss, and almost all of us are experiencing near-total disruption of the life we had become accustomed to. Now it’s a danger to go to the grocery store, I truly appreciate and take conscious notice to enjoy my milk and crackers midnight snack when I can’t sleep.
    A few years ago I read Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book about Conscious Evolution, and she said that the earth is “birthing a new kind of humanity” and she makes the point that to a newborn infant, birth must seem like a terrifying thing, even death itself. Because it is the sudden end of everything about the like it has known before, all of its life till this change. She said a change like that must come to humanity, something so large that it affects all of the earth. She passed from this earth least year. Oh I wish I could hear what her thoughts would be today.
    I don’t have those thoughts, but I have yours, and there is logic and sense and love and reassurance, and the encouragement to live joyfully and lovingly no matter what. And that was what I needed. Somebody to tell me it was okay to be grateful even in the face of great change.

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  2. I like this concept and find comfort in it. I will admit, though, that I’ve also felt some guilt in being calm during the pandemic yet I know that is the best option for my own health and what I emit to the world. Still, I also come from a mindset that “no voice is no choice,” or “to be silent is to indicate agreement,” and, therefore, have difficulty sitting idly by while great injustices are carried out.


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