Love Is Life in All Its Abundance

“Because love cannot be contained, because love is life in all its abundance, then we can easily understand that behind the desire to possess objects is the desire to possess love.”  Choose Only Love, bk.2, 1:I

It is true that most of us want material goods in all their abundance for an easeful life.  There is a deeper meaning here, though.  We think if we can just get some trinket, we will feel better about ourselves.  But the trinket never holds its worth.  We always want more and more.

Only when we are satisfied in love will we come to be satisfied.  We are created for love.  Of course, significant others are not always in our lives.  We do lose people, either from rejection or death.

There is always a way, though, to welcome love into our life.  The world is filled with people, lonely people, who reach out for trinkets but don’t reach out to each other.

This situation can change.  When we commune with our God, we discover that we are loved, just as we are.  We don’t need anything special to augment our desirability, because God accepts us just as we are.

His love will soften our attitudes, give us the wherewithal to find our brothers and sisters in this world who need us.  And when we reach out, we will find reciprocation.  Over time, we will find others who love us.

Don’t reach for something material when there are our brothers and sisters who need our love, who are starving for our love.  And we too will always benefit, for love is our real abundance.

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