Stop & Smell the Roses

“So the next time you wake up in the morning and don’t feel like doing anything, if it’s possible, honor that feeling and stay with it for awhile.  If it’s not possible right then, find a time in the near future when you can relax fully into being energy.  Although it may not be obvious at first, many riches will come from this simple practice.  Cultivating a balance of doing and being energies is the key to experiencing prosperity of time—a very important aspect of true prosperity.”  Shakti Gawain, Creating True Prosperity

When we race around doing things, we lose sight of ourselves.  Why attract good things with the law of attraction if we are not present enough to enjoy them?  So Shakti has a good point.  We need to take the time to have enough time to enjoy our lives.  A compulsive need to do all the time is counterproductive to our being.

We may initially feel lazy when we slow down.  Especially if we linger in bed on a Saturday morning.  But there is a difference between laziness and a relaxed approach to living.  And all of us—all of us—could stand to relax about our living.  We have been in the rat race too long.  Now is the time to reassess and see if we are actually appreciating the good things that we have already attracted in our lives.  Why should a Higher Power give us more if we don’t appreciate what we have already?

Just being is important to our future development.  When we come to the end of our lives, I have long heard that we won’t regret that we didn’t spend more time at the office.  At that time, at the end, we will just want the love from our significant others that we have perhaps taken for granted far too long.

Slow down and live.  Or, as they say often, “Stop and smell the roses.”

3 thoughts on “Stop & Smell the Roses

  1. Donovan Carper

    Yes I have heard the same, certainly with those I know who have passed it was loved ones they craved to be around….things didn’t matter anymore of course


  2. Donovan Carper

    Interesting too, reflection on betrayal in late years I have seen can be devastating…I remember a man who entered a dark depression in his wife’s last months die to an affair years and years before. My goal is to reach the end with as few regrets morally as possible


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