God Is a Positive Thinker

Dear God,

If I keep my mind and heart on the positive vein, then what happens will, I believe, be on the positive vein.  I will have an attitude that encourages the right response to whatever happens.  Otherwise, I would be my own worst enemy.

Let me keep this thought in the forefront.  You would have us walk through challenging times with our heart attuned to You.  And You are Love and positivity in essence.

Thank You for being You.

Amen.  –personal reflection, posted on the author’s blog, “Prayers to the Cosmos.”

We make such a difference in our world when we do think positively.  I know that positive thinking has gotten a bad rap in the world in the years since Norman Vincent Peale first popularized it.  What seems to be a simplistic notion is actually another way of viewing the law of attraction.  If we focus on the positive, we get the positive—more often than not, unless our subconscious mind is working against us.  If we focus on the negative, the negative is what transpires in our experience.

How do we explain the difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves now?  Have all of us been thinking way too negatively?

I think that we have.  Our slant toward egotism has foiled us.  We need to raise our sights to a better way of interacting with the world.  We need to acknowledge our God.  We need to spend time in contemplation/meditation and prayer.  These are ways that we can cleanse our subconscious mind and heart of the negativism that threatens to engulf us.

Know that we can make a difference in what we experience by changing our focus.  Look to the heavens for a better view.

And we will be rewarded with a more peaceful world.

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