“Life guides us in the direction it wants us to go through our deep longings.”  Creating True Prosperity, by Shakti Gawain

Our deep longings point out what is true for us at any given point.  We follow along peacefully for a while.  And we know that peace.

Eventually we may change directions, because the longings have been only temporary, not permanent.

Life is filled with change, and longings do change.  When we see a better way, we pursue it.  And then life turns out better because of the change.

This longing is most keenly observed in our romantic relationships.  And especially when we are young and innocent.  We may develop an intense longing, and love, for a given person, only to have it either develop into a holy love, or, contrarily, to disappear in the mists, ending.  These longings are the most poignant, touch our emotions the most.

If we can just realize when we are young and innocent that life does go on, change and grow into something better suited for us, then we can walk a green earth again.

We have attracted what was right for us at the time.  Now we are attracting what is right for us now.

And now is where we want to focus.

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