Image of a Box Filled with Desired Treasures

“Think of a box that represents what you want.  Every time you think about what you want the box becomes fuller, and when critical mass is reached the box becomes reality.  If there is something you think of repeatedly, at a certain point it will manifest.  How long this takes is determined by the strength of your belief that it will come, and the intensity of your focus and desire to have it.  This does not apply if you what you want must come from other people, for you only have control over your reality, not theirs.  Wanting something from people that they do not want to give will usually push them away.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

Sanaya has an instructive image to lead us into manifesting, a box that becomes fuller as we focus on what we want.  She says it will come about, but only if what we want is not dependent on acquiring that thing from someone else.  Demands upon others usually don’t work out well and can even drive people away.

Sanaya encourages us to think about our desires often.  If we don’t push these things away by our own negativism, then the manifestation is cleared to come.

I would add that we need to be sure that our intuitive feelings are on the beam of these desired outcomes.  If intuitively we doubt, then doubt becomes what we are requesting, and our manifestation cannot come about.  Our intuition is my way of letting God speak.  We need to clear our desires with a Higher Power, because otherwise what we want so badly could end up hurting us.

With a clear mind and a warm heart, mull over the things that we want to add to our lives.  Be sure that they are “right” things, that we don’t doubt about that rightness, and then the way to manifest by the law of attraction will actualize.

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