Heart & Soul Belief

“[M]ost of the sustained and continuing manifestations come as a result of belief.  It is through this belief with its strange power that miracles happen and that peculiar phenomena occur for which there appears to be no known explanation.  I refer now to deep-seated belief—a firm and positive conviction that goes through every fibre of your being—when you believe it ‘heart and soul,’ as the saying goes.”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

This explanation goes a long way toward explaining why we don’t always get that which we seek to manifest.  If we can’t believe in “heart and soul” that what we want is really right for us, we will have self-doubt, and then the desired object will not manifest.

Belief is the crucial point, the point that Jesus makes in the assertion that is posted on my blog.  We can’t have true belief if we aren’t sure that what we want is right for us.  And this, on the surface of our mind, is disconcerting.

First, go within our mind and heart, seeking to understand if this thing we want is right for us.  If it doesn’t feel right, really feel right, then there will be no good outcome.  We have to get our superficial wants in line with what our inner Self really wants to manifest.

Then the desired object will come into view—when our belief is firm, true to the Self, and certain of its rightness.

“Heart and soul”—that is the elixir that will bring our heart’s desire to us.

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