“Prosperity isn’t about money.  It is about the sense of safety that comes to us from knowing we are well cared for.  Prosperity is a matter of faith.  When we believe in a benevolent Universe, one that looks out for our needs and wants, we feel prosperous.”  Prosperity Every Day, by Julia Cameron

We all need a sense of safety.  We can have this, whether our resources are abundant or limited.  Those who have little by way of material goods are often happier than those who have much, because these individuals find a way to be grateful just for the gift of life.

Gratitude makes all the difference.  When we are not grateful, we stop our good from coming forth.  I have even read that if we order our lives in all particulars just right, but lack gratitude, we deny all the good, and we are kept in poverty of the spirit.

Our Universe is benevolent.  We can imagine God as a new husband, eager to please his wife.  When the new husband does things to please, and he finds appreciation, he wants to do more and more.  This human way of thinking of God has meant a lot to me over the years.

Prosperity is ultimately of the spirit.  We always want another, and another, and another, material good.  But when the spirit is satisfied, we are happy.

And we are then truly prosperous.

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