“Anticipation feels better than anxiety—but it’s not happiness.  Thinking about the future and setting goals is fine, but don’t mistake it for the simple, uncomplicated, non-contingent feeling of happiness:  the feeling of being grateful right now for no reason other than the fact that you are alive.”  You Can Be Happy No Matter What, by Richard Carlson

I know that most of the good times in my early life were when I was anticipating something that I thought would be good.  This anticipation does create positivity, and by the law of attraction, the good feeling will build on itself, and bring the things that want to us.

But as time passes, we can see that some of this is hollow.  Are we always to anticipate, and never arrive?  When we just anticipate, without dwelling on the good things that have already arrived, we are setting ourselves up to want a next thing, and a next, and a next, never stopping to appreciate what we have already received.

We know that without appreciation, our efforts with the law of attraction fall flat.  Gratitude counts for quite a lot.

So anticipation of our desires, a good frame of mind because we see good coming, is not to be lamented.  But we also need to stop and smell the roses.  Be thankful for what we already have.  Otherwise, we keep having “contingent” happiness, contingent on getting future goals.  Without the continual receipt, we fall on our faces.  And we don’t want to do that.

Stop today.  Be grateful for our many blessings already.  Don’t get lost on the treadmill of more-more-more as necessary to satisfy ourselves.

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