God Dwells in Ideas

“As we change our thinking, we change our world.  As I choose to invoke divine help in my financial affairs, I find myself making many a conscious choice that moves me from pessimism to optimism.  I am vigilant to discard all negativity.  My word is positive and powerful.”  Prosperity Every Day, by Julia Cameron

If we ask God to help us move to a more positive outlook, we have done the single most important thing to bring serenity to our financial situation.  We attract the more positive outcomes by the focus that we bring to them.  We therefore have the wherewithal to attract prosperity to ourselves.

We can see change right away, because God gives good ideas to help us.  His storehouses are filled with ideas, not gold.  These ideas for change in our lives impact our finances as much as anything else in our daily lives.  We will think of ways that we can improve our situation, and these ways will ultimately bring prosperity to us.

Prosperity is not simply money.  God can show us how to handle what we have, how to feel abundance even when objectively we have very little.  Abundance is not always a mountain of gold.  Abundance is the will to use what we have in the best possible way.  It is sometimes an attitude toward budget planning.  God gets very practical in His advice.

Ask for ideas today that will move us to better financial planning.  Ask to know what to do, what changes to make, in our life situation that will attract more abundance.  Remember that we are really looking for a change of mind; we are not really looking for more money than we would know how to handle if blessed with it.

Ideas are the currency in which God dwells as He seeks to bring us to greater prosperity.  Ask for ideas for optimal change today.

One thought on “God Dwells in Ideas

  1. Donovan Carper

    Agree with this and research I have read on optimism supports you. Optimistic people spy more opportunities than pessimistic people. Agree with all the principles u mentioned here!


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