Surrender Our Need to Spirit

“When we place our financial affairs in the hands of Spirit, we experience calm.  We find ourselves in touch with an inner wisdom.  We are clear about our priorities.  Freed from anxiety, depression, and a sense of emergency, we make wise choices.”  Prosperity Every Day, by Julia Cameron

If we are worried because the law of attraction hasn’t brought us more money, then this quotation will speak to our minds and hearts.  We need to surrender to the hands of Spirit, a surrender that will calm us.  Spirit is certain of the bigger picture, always a bigger picture that wishes us no harm.

Perhaps we have ourselves all tangled up about finances.  A state of unrest and agitation is no state in which we can manifest well.  It takes a one-pointed mind, certain of its truth, to focus effectively.  And if we are uncertain that it is a divine wish that we have more, just at this time, we are focusing amiss.

We need to give up “anxiety, depression, and a sense of emergency.”  As we go forward with a clear mind, we will know—from an inner knowing—what the best wish for manifestation really is.  New ideas will flow into our quiet mind.  We will realize what is the best way to proceed.

Perhaps we are confusing ourselves with our desires for “more.”  Perhaps the divine guidance that we all receive is seeking to have us dwell on the abundance that is already ours.  And, even with very little, we can appreciate what we have and be grateful for it.

The solution is always with the problem.  If financial remuneration doesn’t come, see what larger picture we are missing.

Ask for ideas from God’s storehouse.  He knows best how to answer our genuine need.  Sometimes what we need is not just handed to us.  We have to do something.  And praying for ideas of what to do will be the solution to our difficulties.

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