Depend on God

“No matter what we call it—the writer prefers the word subconscious—it is recognized as the essence of life, and the limits of its power are unknown.  It never sleeps.  It comes to our support in times of great trouble, it warns us of impending danger, often it aids us to do that which seems impossible.  It guides us in many ways and when properly employed performs so-called miracles.”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

Claude calls this magical part of ourselves the “subconscious.”  Richard Carlson calls it “wisdom.”  It is actually the Holy Spirit, so called in spiritual circles.  A Course of Love calls it the Christ-Self, from whom we get our guidance when we have walked farther along the pathway back to God.

We don’t have to struggle so to get what we want in life.  If we open ourselves to God, depending on Him, then our life becomes effortless.  We know what to do and when to do it.  But this takes a radical acceptance of the flow of life.  We can’t flip back and forth to our egoic will, or we will be lost.

Let the larger Will, the genie in the bottle, run our lives.  Ask, just ask, what we might best attract.  We will spin our wheels if we ask amiss.  We will in all likelihood get what we ask for, but will it make us happy?  Ah, yes, that is the big question.

Depend on God by whatever name we call Him.  We do all want effortless living, and we can have it when we put guidance first.

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