There Are No Idle Thoughts

“The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force.  It never sleeps.  Every instant it is creating.  It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.  There are no idle thoughts.  All thinking produces form at some level.”  A Course in Miracles

We can change the world, including our personal experience of it, by changing our thoughts!  This is indeed a startling idea, and coming as it does from such a respected source as A Course in Miracles ought to give us pause for thought.

This choice of words is just a restatement of the law of attraction, for we are changing the world when we attract something that we want.  We are moving objects around in space—and by the power of our minds!  This is indeed heady stuff we are considering now.

“There are not idle thoughts.”  For us, in using the power of manifestation, we must not negate what we have just summoned to ourselves by negative, “idle” thoughts, thoughts which don’t really exist.  Negativity of any form will mean that we are negating what we have focused upon.  Since this is the case, it behooves us to consider carefully, in advance, if this thing we want is in line with our best interests, if we are getting guidance that this thing is right for us.  If we just decide superficially, we may attract something, but will it make us happy?  Will it be a good thing?

That’s why the soul needs to be involved in exercises into manifestation.  Ask for help from the universe (or God) if we are on the right beam with what we think we want.  Know that if something is not right, it is wrong, and it will never bring us the lasting satisfaction and happiness we deserve.

Be very careful in what we attract.  Let God’s guidance be the watchword.

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